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Leveraging Spiritual Gifts and Strengths to Help Others Find Their Mission with Teresa Devine

“In your walk in life, you’ll find that the Lord equips you all along the way…our foundation of strength comes from the Lord.” -Teresa Devine

Teresa Devine is a writer, coach, and speaker who is on a mission to help other busy Christians swap the daily grind for daily impact fully aligned with God’s purpose and His plans. After over 20 years in the technology space, Teresa decided to leave a rewarding, yet demanding, career, serving as a Chief Information Officer for Fortune 500 and private equity firms, to help busy Christians get unstuck and on track with their true purpose in life. She does this with the writing, courses, and coaching she offers through her coaching practice, 24/7 Purpose.  Teresa’s Top 5: Achiever, Input, Belief, Learner, Responsibility.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Teresa’s transition from technology management to working as a full-time coach
  • Teresa’s coaching practice, 24/7 Purpose, and the impactful work she does through her writing, courses, and coaching
  • How to find a balance between working towards your goals and following spiritual guidance
  • How Teresa uses a combination of spiritual gifts, strengths, and talents to help her clients find their value 
  • Teresa’s goals for the rest of this year

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