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Unique by Design: Petra Krebbs on the Art of Not Blending In

Petra Krebbs Headshot

“My whole passion and mission is to help people live engaged, equipped, and elevated lives.”  -Petra Krebbs

Petra Krebbs is a Strengths Strategist™, Leadership and Team Developer, Trainer, Consultant, and Executive Coach. Her mission and passion is to ignite the power of people and teams. Petra’s professional career spans 20+ years in training, sales, leadership, and development and, as a consultant, she is certified by Gallup® in the expertise of CliftonStrengths® to help individuals and teams align their goals with what they naturally do best. Petra is also part of a select team certified to speak & train on behalf of Jon Gordon, international best-selling author of The Energy Bus, Power of Positive Leadership, Power of a Positive Team, and many more. 

Petra’s Top 5: Positivity, Strategic, Learner, Input, Includer

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Petra first got connected with the CliftonStrengths Assessment and her professional journey to becoming a Strengths Strategist
  • What Petra does with her coaching business and how she utilizes CliftonStrengths today
  • The story of how Petra started working as a speaker and trainer under Best-Selling author Jon Gordon
  • Petra’s personal experience of becoming comfortable in her own skin and how she helps her clients do the same

Through her work, Petra helps others to level up and truly live their strengths. She has experienced firsthand, and seen with many of her clients, that when you stop trying to blend in and start leaning into what you are naturally good at, everything else falls into place. Thank you, Petra, for bringing us your positivity and sharing more about how you are helping others shift their focus from what is wrong, to what is strong!

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