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Join January's StrengthsMugs Meetup!

Do you want to grow your CliftonStrengths network?

If your answer is YES, join our first StrengthsMugs Meetup of the New Year on Wednesday, January 11th at 12pm ET

This free Zoom networking event is designed to help YOU:

  • Grow your CliftonStrengths network and connect with like-minded people
  • Learn how other professionals use CliftonStrengths maximize performance
  • Discover new ways to use CliftonStrengths to optimize your work and personal life and MORE!

Please REGISTER HERE if you would like to attend!

Since launching StrengthMugs in 2016, we have shipped thousands of StrengthsMugs to individuals, teams and organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, cutting-edge technology firms, creative fashion houses, church leaders, cities and towns across the nation, best-selling authors, coaches, universities, students, and so many others who want to build Strengths-based cultures at home, at work, and in their communities.

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Kathleen Murphy who coaches Division I sports teams will be speaking at The StrengthsClub Meetup on January 11th hosted by the Founder of StrengthsMugs, our online shop selling products related to Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment. 

REGISTER HERE if you would like to attend! 

Meet our guest speaker, Kathleen Murphy

In addition to using CliftonStrengths to coach Division I sports teams, Kathleen is also the author of three business books (Wisdom Whisperer, Evolve! With the Wisdom Whisperer and Inspired! By the Wisdom Whisperer Team Edition published in April 2022). She is an inspirational speaker and team dynamics, leadership and motivational expert who shares savvy insights from her trailblazing 25-year career as a female marketing executive in high-tech. Kathleen’s enthusiasm and positive energy have generated a passionate following. Her Top 5 Strengths are Positivity, Strategic, Arranger, Woo and Individualization. She’s the CEO of Market Me Too and is frequently featured on radio and in publications such as Fast Company, The Huffington Post and The Economist, as well as on TV, including her own business show called Murf & E Unfiltered. Kathleen earned a BA degree in Journalism and has a minor degree in Psychology from the University of Maine. She is a CliftonStrengths instructor at Bentley University and in her fourth year as an Advisory Board Member to the University of Maine Business School and Graduate School of Business.

Thanks to YOU, our customers, and Kathleen’s incredible experience and expertise, our first StrengthsMugs Meetup of the year is going to be AWESOME! 

If you want to learn from Kathleen, meet the Founder of StrengthsMugs and connect with others like you, join the StrengthsMugs Meetup on January 11th! 

REGISTER HERE. It’s free to attend. We can’t wait to meet you!

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