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Join February’s StrengthsMugs Meetup!

Do you want to grow your CliftonStrengths network? If your answer is YES, join our February StrengthsClub Meetup on Wednesday, February 15th at 12pm ET

This free Zoom networking event is designed to help YOU

  • Grow your CliftonStrengths network and connect with like-minded people
  • Learn how other professionals use CliftonStrengths maximize performance
  • Discover new ways to use CliftonStrengths to optimize your work and personal life and MORE!

 Please REGISTER HERE if you would like to attend!

Since launching StrengthMugs in 2016, we have shipped thousands of StrengthsMugs to individuals, teams and organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, cutting-edge technology firms, creative fashion houses, church leaders, cities and towns across the nation, best-selling authors, coaches, universities, students, and so many others who want to build Strengths-based cultures at home, at work, and in their communities.

Betsy Roisen and Whitney Yopp will share how they’ve implemented Strengths-Based training programs and workshops for their fellow employees at The Bernard Group at the StrengthsMugs Meetup on February 15th. This Meetup is hosted by the Founder of StrengthsMugs, our online shop selling products related to Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment. 

REGISTER HERE if you would like to attend! 

Meet our guest speakers, Betsy & Whitney! 

Betsy Roisen and Whitney Yopp are part of the Human Resources team at The Bernard Group (TBG), an employee-owned visual merchandising company located in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Betsy is the Human Resources Manager and Whitney is their HR Operations Manager. When TBG made the commitment to formally measure employee engagement in 2018, Betsy and Whitney led the initiative to analyze results and launch the strategy to develop actions by team throughout the company. Together they led over 90 sessions in three months with teams throughout the organization. Their work furthering the employee engagement initiative and progress towards higher engagement levels continues today as they just completed their fifth administration of the Gallup Q12 survey in the Fall of 2022. 

In 2019, TBG furthered its commitment to employee engagement when Betsy and Whitney introduced CliftonStrengths to the organization, as they strived to develop a Strengths-based culture. Their passion for the development of others and helping employees identify their natural talents led them to further this initiative during a global pandemic and continues today. They have a thirst for knowledge to learn how to influence and develop a culture of Strengths within organizations. 

Thanks to our diverse customer base, and Betsy and Whitney’s incredible expertise, our February StrengthsMugs Meetup is going to be AWESOME! 

If you want to learn from Betsy and Whitney, meet the Founder of StrengthsMugs and connect with others like you, join the StrengthsMugs Meetup on February 15th! 

REGISTER HERE. It’s free to attend. We can’t wait to meet you!

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