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From High School Principal of the Year to Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with Darrel Galera


“When we aim our strengths at the work we're doing, we can get greater success.” - Darrel Galera

Darrel Galera is a retired educator who was a principal at five schools, including Moanalua High School, which became a national model school during his 13-year tenure. He holds a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Education, and a Masters in Education Administration from the University of Hawaii and was recognized as Hawaii’s 2010 National Distinguished High School Principal of the Year. Darrel’s CliftonStrengths are Relator, Learner, Arranger, Analytical, and Futuristic.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of leveraging strengths for engagement and well-being in the educational workplace. 
  • Darrel’s journey from being in public education for 30+ years to being a Gallup-Certified Strength Coach
  • Tips on how to engage with schools to roll out strengths-based coaching sessions
  • Tools to discover the well-being of teachers and using their strengths to increase engagement in the workplace 
  • Darrel shares his top strength: How to use the “Relator” strength to help improve physical well-being

Darrel, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, shares his experience in supporting schools with a strength-based coaching approach, organizing the CliftonStrengths Assessment for teachers and staff, and using the data to create opportunities for understanding individual and team strengths.  Listen in to gain insights on rolling out CliftonStrengths to a school system and leveraging strengths for personal and professional growth.

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