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Inspiring Businesses to Build a Strengths-Based Culture with Murray Guest


Murray Guest is Director of Inspire My Business, which is currently helping over 4,000 people unlock their strengths through team and one-to-one leadership coaching sessions. IMB partners with business leaders to help them rediscover their passion, inject new energy into their organizations, and build inspired strengths-based team cultures that drive business performance. 

Murray is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with over 15 years of experience leading cultural change in large organizations. His Top 5 Strengths are Relator, Futuristic, Individualization, Communication, and Responsibility. He was recognized for his learning and development expertise with a Hunter Manufacturing Award for Excellence in Training during his role as the Learning & Development Manager at Tomago Aluminum, where he drove cultural change through the successful development and implementation of various programs. Informed by additional experience in quality management and lean manufacturing, Murray takes a results-focused approach to helping business leaders create and manage measurable improvement as Director of IMB. 

Murray uses the CliftonStrengths assessment during team and one-to-one leadership coaching sessions with clients, helping them unlock, understand, and apply their strengths. The results create a greater understanding of self and others, aligned teams, and culture and helps clients improve communication, collaboration, teamwork, leadership and more! He loves his StrengthsMug because it’s the perfect size for tea, coffee, name it! When he’s not using his StrengthsMug or coaching clients, Murray can be found mountain biking in the great outdoors.

We love hearing how Murray inspires businesses to build a strengths-based culture and hope his story inspires you to harness the power of your Top 5 Strengths!

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