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Using Strengths to Make Super Fast Deliveries with Christian Marchetti

Christian Marchetti is the CEO of Excel Courier, Inc. Based in the Washington, DC area and headquartered in Sterling, VA with additional locations in Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA and Harrisburg PA, Excel Courier has a reputation for providing the most professional, reliable high-touch, same-day delivery, and warehouse management services available in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 35 years. The company is known for medical courier services and also specializes in managing the flow of goods from origin to end consumer. Christian and his team are experts in developing the right custom supply chain solution to support their customers, offering everything from pick up and warehousing to full inventory management and fulfillment.

Christian’s Top 5 Strengths are Input, Arranger, Developer, Positivity and Individualization, which have served him well during his professional journey at Excel. In 1984, Christian was living in LA and working for Excel when the owner called him into his office and said, “Take over the company or go find another job.” Christian accepted the offer and, with a partner, moved Excel from LA to Virginia in 1986, starting in a small one-room office with a telephone and a manual typewriter. They soon grew into a larger facility with a warehouse and then expanded into multiple locations throughout the DC, Baltimore and Richmond areas. Along the way, Christian and his team grew the business from a courier service to a logistics provider focused on providing high-touch time-critical services. 

According to Christian, the real success story of Excel is not just about him, it’s also about the amazing people who make Excel the thriving business it is today. CliftonStrengths plays a significant role in workforce development training at Excel, allowing everyone to proactively acknowledge each other’s diverse themes and hone in on the team's unique capabilities and leadership styles. The CliftonStrengths Assessment also helps them learn how to work effectively with others who have different strengths. Christian and his team love their StrengthsMugs because they provide a daily reminder of their unique talents and leadership styles. Their team goal is to be self-aware of their talents and to continue building upon their strengths every day. 

With this mindset, we’re confident Christian and his team will continue to do great things at Excel Courier, Inc. and we wish them continued success in the future!

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