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What customers are saying...

"I just got 50 mugs for my workplace. The mugs are large and sturdy. It's a great way to "claim" our strengths. Love them!" -Amazon Customer
"We love these mugs! We order them for our associates when we facilitate StrengthsFinder training, and they are so popular. Everyone keeps them on their desk at work to show their top five strengths. Scott is so easy to work with, and we get great service with every order." - Maggie
"I got my mug two weeks ago. It's a great morning motivator and keeps my coffee hot. My office recently took the strength finder assessment and we are thinking of getting these for the office as well." -Amazon Customer
"Awesome stuff! We presented as part of a Strengths exercise and the staff loved it!" -Amazon Customer
"For anyone who is into their top 5 strengths, this is such a fun mug! I love the idea of having my strengths out there for others to review and am loving the idea of others in my workplace having them as well for my review. The mug is well made and durable, which is important to me. Overall, I'm slightly obsessed ? "-Amazon Customer
"When coaching a client or interested in giving a corporate gift this mug is perfect!  It shows a client that I try to utilize my talent themes every day by keeping the top 5 in view!  Also, it is a wonderful gift to give to thank the manager who brought me in for team building! It is one of my favorite coffee mugs too!" -Kathie G.
"This is my go-to coffee mug.  I love it!  My son asked me about my Strategic strength the other night after I beat him in a board game.  He saw that this was one of the strengths on my coffee mug.  It's such a great conversation starter for talking about strengths." -Ginni G.
 "I enjoyed working with Scott, learning my strengths and how to use them in my business and personal life.  Every day I am reminded of those strengths when I drink my morning coffee!" -Laura M.
 "I love my strengths mug. It is one of my favorite mugs to drink with breakfast because it reminds me each day to focus on my top strengths (positivity, futuristic, communication, individualization, and woo) to have a successful day and positive impact on those around me. I also used the mug as my toothbrush holder in the bathroom for a few months, which helped remind me of my strengths each day."  -Mike M.
"I’ve used my strengths mug religiously for the past 2 years to hold my morning coffee. The cup is attractive and serves as a daily reminder to keep life’s opportunities and challenges in perspective. Thanks for the thoughtful gift! -Gary M.
"I love using my Strengths Mug at work where I can be reminded regularly of my strengths. It keeps me goal-oriented and focused on the end game. It also reminds that we are all different, and I am more patient now because of it. Overall, it is a visible reminder to be the best I can be and that is powerful." -Jennifer D.
"My Strengths Mug is typically used to remind my wife of my Strengths. She can get annoyed by my need to be researching the internet, listening to podcasts, or watching the history channel constantly. When she sees my Context, Input, and Learner Strengths on the mug that I use while staring at my screen she almost always laughs out loud. It’s a nice change of pace from the old huffing I used to get." -Ryan D.