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Have you taken StrengthsFinder? Order a coffee mug personalized with your Top-5 strengths!

"We got one for everyone on our team."  -Michael Hyatt, NY Times Best-Selling Author

“I have ordered nearly 100 Strengths Mugs for my staff, students, and faculty partners who support strengths on our college campus.” – Rachel, Pace University

“When coaching a client or interested in giving a corporate gift this mug is perfect! It is one of my favorite coffee mugs too!”  -Kathie, Strengths Coach

"Since first ordering StrengthsMugs for the entire office staff as a gift, we now order for each new staff member as they are hired as a 'welcome to the team' gift."  -Stacie, Prairie Heights Church

"We love these mugs! We order them for our associates when we facilitate StrengthsFinder training, and they are so popular." - Maggie, Altec

"I have this mug sitting on my desk at work to remind me of my Top 5 Super Powers each day! Love it and a great quality product!" -Jim, Gallup